Attorney Jacobson is a solo practitioner based in Hartford, Connecticut and currently handles family, immigration, criminal, and Social Security disability matters. She started the Law Office of Eva Jacobson in March 2018 to provide quality legal representation at modest rates.


Attorney Jacobson works closely with clients to understand their concerns and develop a plan to further their legal goals. She zealously advocates for her clients in order to secure positive outcomes. As a result, she consistently provides quality representation every step of the way.


Attorney Jacobson maintains the highest level of professionalism and is extremely thorough. She takes the time to discuss and explain what to expect each day in court, ensuring that clients understand the legal process and have time to ask questions prior to entering into agreements.


Attorney Jacobson represents clients across the state in family and criminal courts, at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and before Social Security Administration. She is admitted to practice in Connecticut and in the U.S. District Court for Connecticut.


Attorney Jacobson is compassionate and shows great empathy. She takes the time to fully understand the needs of her clients. She practices law to truly help people in need, as being a lawyer is more than just a job to her. 


Attorney Jacobson is efficient and maximizes time spent in court to ultimately reduce legal costs. She understands the financial constraints of her clients and aims to reduce costs for legal representation through efficiency.


Attorney Jacobson is extremely responsive to her clients so that they are not left in the dark. She promptly returns emails, text messages, and phone calls, ensuring that clients can discuss their concerns and questions.


Attorney Jacobson consistently provides quality representation. She conducts thorough legal research and prepares extensively for court. She provides effective counsel, so that her cases end with positive outcomes.